Turban Tuesday: 7 Stunning Velvet Turbans Plus 2 Easy Tutorials!

It’s Turban Tuesday and today we explore the rise of the stunning velvet Turban as well as a tutorial on how to tie a classic one!


Turban Delicious! Head Wrap Ideas Of The Month

Ethnic head wrapping is an art form and the methods are endless. Here are some inspiring new styles to get your turban game on…

Turban Tuesday: Gele In Bloom By Photographer Kelechi Amadi

Iconic photographer and publisher of Style Mania Magazine, Kelechi Amadi -Obi ¬†captures the all famous African Head gear: “The Gele” ¬†in a manner in which you have never seen it before. Using the female anatomy as a silhouette art form he super imposes the Gele as a blooming flower or an efflorescent crown. In the…


Turban Tuesday: Cool Head Wrap Ideas

A head wrap is such a fascinating accessory for self expression and style. You can tie a scarf with just about any outfit from contemporary to ethnic. Head wraps, scarves and bandannas come in various colors and prints. Check out these head wraps some of which are in African prints and ethnic-inspired designs and watch…