Style Persona: 20 Shades Of Folake Kuye Huntoon

Her fashion site, Style is equally popular for her daily look updates with her style oozing lots of Oomph and all that classy gal magic.

What’s your best look in all 2o shades of style by Folake Kuye Huntoon?


Oh! It’s Maki – What It Means To Be A Black Woman As Defined By Maki Oh’s Fall 2016 Collection

What does it mean to be a black woman?
Well, here’s how Maki Oh answered the question!

Maki Oh’s Fall 2016 collection explores womanism from the Afro-centered perspective, celebrating feminine nuances, mannerisms and expressiveness and she has shown that she is not afraid to delve into uncharted terrains.

How To Walk Smart On Heels Without Straining Your Feet

Ever walked into a function and everyone is telling you how magnificent your shoes are and you smile through hidden agony and say “Thanks”. Here are tips to end the strain and begin the graceful walk in heels you always wished you could achieve:


Belles Of The Ball: 21 Trendy Ways To Rock This Season In A Flowing Outfit

What better way to commemorate this season than to step out in a hot flowing number!

Twirling outfits are largely reminiscent of the Victorian era, associated with ballrooms and then ballet . Now they can be associated with any Africanista who wishes to resurrect her inner Victorian.


Man Code: 6 Dos And Dares Of Slaying The Boardroom

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to look like a flock of penguins day in day out in order to be considered corporate enough.

And you can also bring out the panache in the ordinary suit and tie combo.

Here are 3 celebrity style examples with 6 boardroom fashion dos and dares to get you all inspired for work mode.


Trending Footwear! From Bali With Love: Jewelry Inspired Sandals By Mystique

A  company in the Indonesian Island of Bali called Mystique, has in it’s array of footwear lines glamorous handmade sandals for women. According to Your Next Shoes, they now offer 300 styles that are handmade and made to order. It all began in  1999, by the couple Yamin Levy and his wife, Dorien. All the sandals…


Soak In The Hotness! Best Trending Afro Inspired Beach Wear

Check out these Africanistas channelling their inner ethnicity via these eye catching beach wear pieces.


Awaken The Fierce: These 23 Kimono Inspired Outfits Will Re-invent Your Style

Kimono inspired outfits have always been there since the dawn of the century but then these days, they keep getting bolder with marvelous designs be it plain or in print setting the pace on the run way, red carpet and street style fashion. Check out these great , well-styled pieces on these fierce Africanistas! And…


Lights, Camera, Formation! Itaysha…

  Magic happens, when Itaysha Jordan holds the camera. As told by The Curvy Fashionista: “I’m very technical and involved,” says Jordan. “Skin, lighting, form: I like everything to be balanced. It’s just an innate natural thing that comes across.” Jordan also brought up that her style has been described as looking very European which…


25 Crowning Hair Styles! For The Goddess Effect…

Some still say it’s a Man’s world?

Yeah right

Here are 25 classic , crowning hair styles that remind us of our royalty.

Perfect Tiaras fit for the imperfectly perfect earth woman, goddess, queen…!


House Of Deola Presents: The Breathtaking “Komole Kandids” Series 2

Award winning Nigerian fashion icon, Deola Ade Ojo; pioneer of the design label “House Of Deola” has launched her new line of classic wears , a sophomore addition to her Komole Kandids series. There are no words to describe the finesse and the glam in the tailoring, designs and the purity of the choice of fabrics.
Feast on the inspiration!


Curve Crush Wednesday: Say Hello To M.s. Kwamboka!

Caution: Dangerous curves pending.. Kenyan law graduate, socialite and plus sized model, Corazon Kwamboka has a bit of a bad-girl-don’t-give-a-frock image but she makes no apologies.   Young curvaceous Corazon Kwamboka rose to  fame after  photos of her flammable physique emerged on cyber space around 2014. Discovered by Kevin Bbou of Bouart photography, she became…